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Can India be the next study destination for South Korean Students?

Tanmayee Kapinjal, Content Manager, Team Edudite

03 Oct, 2023

India and South Korea have maintained an incredible bond of diplomatic relations over the past 50 years. Both countries have contributed significantly to the development of each other's economies. Apart from the exchange of business, knowledge, and technology, the exchange of human resources among both the countries has also witnessed a significant rise in the past few years. A large part of this exchange of human resources consists of students who are moving out of their respective countries to study and build a career in the other country. 

With the massive rise in the popularity of South Korean food, music, culture, etc. in India, the number of students flying out of India to study in South Korea has significantly risen. Due to the Hallyu wave, India has also become a safe and homely country for South Korean students to come and reside in. 

Some of the major reasons why India can serve as the next study destination for South Korean students are:

  • Good Diplomatic Relations: India and South Korea shares good diplomatic relations and the Korean embassy is highly active in India. They often organize Korean cultural programs and festivals for people from both countries to enjoy and become culturally more integrated. On the 25th of August, 2023, a cultural event was organized to celebrate the 50 years of diplomatic relations between India and the Republic of Korea, where artists like Neeti Mohan, MUSTB, Heung, etc. were invited to perform and showcase the beauty of the cultures of both the countries. 

​           Korea-India 50 Years Diplomatic Relations Celebration on 25th August, 2023

  • Language: Language plays an important role in bridging the gap between people from two different regions. South Korean students generally move abroad to study in English-speaking languages to enhance their English and solidify their foundation in the language. India being a country with English as one of the official languages, provides most of the courses of international institutes in English. It becomes an aid to the foreign students studying in India. Moreover, Korean Language has been reported to be one of the fastest-growing languages in India due to the interest of the Indian youth in Korean Language and culture. 
  • The Korean influence or Hallyu wave: The influence of Korean Culture, music, food, series, etc. has heavily caught the interest of the Indian population. Numerous communities or fan clubs with the same interest in Korean culture have come up to hold festivals, events, and group activities which indeed can turn out to be a homely environment for the Korean Students in India. 


           Kim Woojin’s visit to Meghalaya, India on 29th April, 2023

  • Korean Market: After the "Make in India" initiative has come under smooth working, many foreign companies have started their businesses in and around the significant cities of India. South Korea being one of the best countries with international businesses has also shown interest in the same and has set up businesses in India. Big South Korean companies like Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, LG, etc. have not only given employment to the Indian youth but also have brought in human resources from South Korea to India. With this increment in the population of South Koreans in India, Korean public facilities like Korean food chains, Korean skincare and clothing stores, Korean convenience stores, etc. have also increased in and around the cities of India. This rise in the Korean market provides the ease of accessing basic amenities for Korean Students while studying in India. 

K Friends, Korean Convenience Store in Greater Noida, India.

India is slowly transforming into a hub for Kculture and Kproducts. Since 2008 India has hosted 1000+ South Korean students and by 2015, the report given out by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that around 109,000 South Koreans held student visas in India. At this rate, India holds the potential to grow deeper relations with the cultural aspects of South Korea and this will open a gate for the students of South Korea to come and study in Indian Universities.