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Godfrey Tangi Haixuna

Having completed my degree in 2017, I always thought of furthering my studies, however, getting the right university for what I specifically wanted to study had always been a challenge to me. Lucky enough, Edudite made everything easier for me.

20 February, 2023

Martha Nghilwamo

My experience with edudite has been as smooth as silk, they helped me with all my application process, with my visa application as well as my departure from Namibia to the University. They have been with me throughout and what I like about them is their consistency in checking up on how I'm doing mentally and physically and for that and more I'm grateful. Martha Nghilwamo Studying B. Optometry Namibia


20 February, 2023

Abel Chinola

I came through Edudite I really appreciate these people, these people help me to apply Visa and my registration and other necessary processes I must really appreciate this people for making my dream come true of studying in India and I want to tell you that you should take this opportunity and don't miss this chance thank you. Abel Chinola Bachelor in computer application Malawi


20 February, 2023

Gift Tapera

I came to study in India through Edudite, they helped me in career guidance and they made the application process very easy and simple also the counselors are very helpful so I advice you to really really get in touch with Edudite cause they can make your study abroad dream come true. Gift Tapera Studying Electronics Eng Zimbabwe


20 February, 2023

Chantelle Renee

A very big thank you to Mr.Prateek from Edudite Consultancy for making my dream possible to study MPH in India at one of the best university in the northern part of India. They are the best guys, they make sure you are safe and all is taken care of and you are settled in and happy. Chantelle Renee Master of Public Health Namibia


20 February, 2023

Sunalia McKenzia

I came in India through Edudite and I invite you to apply through Edudite as well because they make the application process easier for those who are applying outside of the country and they assist you with the scholarships also they assist you to apply in best universities in 30+Countries around the World. Sunalia McKenzie Studying Operation Theater Technology. Zimbabwe


20 February, 2023

Thilini Ranathunga

Studying in India with Edudite is by far one of the best decisions I took in my life.

16 November, 2022