It is usually recommended to start the process after the completion of 12th or 'A' Level standard. Though countries do often diploma courses for students who have completed their 10th or 'O' Level , it is advisable to apply only for bachelors or a master's programs.
Studying abroad provides the following....
a) An opportunity to study the latest curriculum for better career prospects.
b) An opportunity to study at the world renowned universities.
c) An opportunity to work on latest research projects.
d) An opportunity to be exposed to different environment and culture and also an opportunity to confidently pursue global careers.
It is certainly not an easy task to choose and pick out where you plan to study abroad. However, it all depends on either or your personal interests, the cost, career prospects you choose to. Choose the country that fulfills your study program needs along with your safety and employment prospects. All this information can be guided to you by Edudite Consultancy.
It depends on the level of degree you are pursuing. If you are planning for a full-time study, an undergraduate degree takes about 3 to 4 years. For most subjects is three years, especially in the UK. While in the US, the subject is for 4 years. Whereas a master’s degree takes about 1 to 2 years. However, a Ph.D. or doctoral program takes about 3 to 4 years.
In case you have enrolled in a foreign institution, you will be eligible to pay a tuition fee as well as one semester or full year fee. Apart from this, you will also be paying for your housing, food, and other essentials.
The list is numerous. A number of first-world countries allow expatriates from less developed nations to study in their schools. Example of these countries are;

2) UK
As an international student in another country, you can enjoy medical care, scholarships for international students, rent good houses at affordable prices, open a bank account, and even own a vehicle if you want.
An offer letter or letter of acceptance is a confirmation that the university sends you, if you have been successfully accepted to study in their school. When you get this, it means that you are now a bonafide student of the school.