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An Interview of Mr. Saksham Gupta, Director (Edudite Consultancy)

Mohit Sharma

19 May, 2023

Diplomatist: Can you tell us a bit about your background prior to becoming an entrepreneur, educational consultant and the founder of Edudite Consultancy?

Saksham Gupta: I consider myself an inspiring entrepreneur and organized leader who is focused on producing realistic goals, developing ways to efficiently achieve and often exceed those goals, and producing results.

I think I am a constant learner at heart, I have portrayed various roles in the education management industry. Owning rich experience in relationship building, customer acquisition, international admissions and sales, I have travelled to over 30+ countries representing EDUDITE, delivering & facilitating conferences, government relationship building, and expansion of Indian universities in SAARC and African regions.

I come from a family involved in education. My father and mother have both been in the education industry since 1993 and are successfully running a training institute and an education center in my hometown Kashipur, Uttarakhand. From my early days, I was interested to explore and travel the world and work with people from different walks of life. I did the most cliché Computer Science Engineering and then MBA like a regular student, dreaming that this is the only gate to success.

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