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Popular Courses in India for International Students

Prateek Khare

27 Apr, 2023

For overseas students looking for a top-notch education and a wide range of job options, India is growing in popularity. Here are a few well-liked international students' courses in India that are accredited and have a strong global employability affinity:


Computer science and information technology (IT): Since India has a thriving IT and software development sector, many foreign students travel to India to study computer science, software engineering, and other IT-related subjects. Graduates from Indian institutions with degrees in computer science or information technology have excellent employment chances throughout the world because to the expanding IT industry worldwide.


Engineering: In India, engineering is a popular major for foreign students. Engineering programs in civil, mechanical, electrical, and other fields are approved and well-known internationally. Numerous engineering graduates from India enjoy prosperous international jobs in sectors including manufacturing, construction, and the auto industry.


The healthcare industry:  India is well-developed, and courses in medical, dentistry, pharmacy, and other healthcare-related professions are in high demand among foreign students. Indian medical and healthcare degrees are respected throughout the world, and graduates from Indian universities frequently find work prospects abroad.


Business and Management: International students studying in India frequently take courses in business administration, management, finance, and marketing. Numerous colleges in India provide MBA programs that have received international accreditation, and graduates of these programs have high employment chances worldwide, particularly in multinational businesses.


Hospitality and tourism:  Indian students from around the world are drawn to the country's thriving tourism sector and rich cultural history. Courses in hotel and tourist management can lead to employment prospects in the hospitality and tourism industries with accreditation from reputable schools.


Courses in renewable energy and sustainability are becoming more and more well-liked among foreign students in India as the country focuses on sustainable development. Indian institutions provide career-oriented courses in environmental sciences, sustainability, and renewable energy.


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI): With the quick development of technology, there is a huge need for courses in data science, machine learning, and AI globally. Accredited data science and AI programs are offered by Indian colleges, and graduates from these programs have strong employment chances in global sectors like banking, healthcare, and technology.


For the best chances for a quality education and a rewarding career, it's critical to do your homework and pick reputed Indian colleges from which to enroll in recognized courses. Additionally, when deciding to study in India, overseas students should take into account variables like language requirements, visa requirements, and cost of living.


Author: Prateek Khare

Co-Author: Daview Mbewe