M.Sc Zoology ADTU

Duration: 2

Discipline: Applied Science

Previous level of Study: Bachelor Degree

Requirements: Bachelors Degree

Course Description

The Department of Zoology was established as a premier center of teaching and research in animal sciences in 2018. This program is intended to develop learning about Zoology and the significance of fauna ranging from single-cell to multi-cellular systems. The current Post graduation curriculum has been totally restructured. A precise balance between classical courses and modern biological courses has been made to introduce and emphasize skill-based programmes. The academic training imparted to the department’s M.Sc. students, equips them to enter doctoral programs of leading institutes in the country and abroad. The current research and teaching in the Department include diverse aspects of Zoology with a balance of organismic and reductionist biology. It offers teaching and research programmes in diverse areas, such as Taxonomy and Basic Entomology, Biochemistry and Bioinstrumentation, Genetics, Cell Biology, Mini Research, Fundamental of Statistics, Endocrinology and Immunology, Molecular Biology and Genomics, Evolution and Ecology, Research methodology, Animal Physiology, Developmental Biology, Animal Diversity, Entomology, Fish Biology. Apart from these courses, M.Sc. programme is being revised under NEP 2020 for the welfare of the students and to fulfil the vision and mission of the Department. Besides, the courses like Techno-professional skills, Personality Developmental course, Generic Elective, Research Methodology, Research Ethics, Universal Human Values, and MOOCS programs also represent this restructured syllabus. This programme through the dissertation will also help the students to understand the basic principles of nature and will also provide scope for hands-on experience to experiment with nature /animals and thereby enable them to develop an aptitude for research in various allied fields of animal sciences. Apart from teaching, the faculty has been publishing papers in peer-reviewed research journals. The department engaged in interdisciplinary research. This curriculum will also enable them to overcome several day-to-day problems faced by our society by providing them with some workable solutions.

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$ 500.00

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