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Edudite Scholarship

Sandeep Gupta

24 Jan, 2023

Study Abroad with Edudite Scholarships

Follow the guidelines and Grab it

Studying abroad is the dream of every student of every nation but due to the pocket size of the family, maximum students are deprived of it. But careful studies and your consistent efforts in the right direction may give you so many options that you might not even think of. Among so many options one option for studying abroad is to search for scholarships available. When you are exploring this option there are few steps you must follow.

Look at yourself and your academic career so far.

  1. In case you are in the topper list of state/province, you may look for some pure Govt. funded scholarship program which may include your almost all expenses depending upon the criteria set for that academic year.
  2. The steps to get the Edudite Scholarship.
  • Book a group Counseling Session The form link is GC Application Form.
  • Once your application form is filled, some counselor shall be appointed by Team Edudite to take you on further journey of processing to obtain the scholarship and Study abroad.
  • You will receive the reminders on WhatsApp for your counseling session.
  • Attend the session at the prefixed time.
  • Take actions according to instructions by the main speaker of the session. 
  • Make sure to attend this session with a pen, paper and proper/ high speed internet connection. Also try to do a practice of conversation on Google Meet App with your friends prior to attending the session so that you are confident in the session which will increase your chances of getting a higher percentage of scholarship.

Rest is just a cupcake by God’s Grace and you can land to the country of your dreams for your higher studies. Wish you very good luck.

“Don’t forget to thank me if you are able to get good scholarship. 

by Sandeep Gupta