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Edudite Makes Dreams Take Off

Prateek Khare

02 Aug, 2023

We all love to see dreams come true, especially students’ dreams of studying abroad. Today, Edudite Namibia did that by holding a farewell for 22 students who will be flying out to India for higher studies!


Prateek Khare, the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Edudite, was bursting with excitement through the screen as he gave the students an encouraging and uplifting message.


Mr. Khare is currently in India and will receive the students from the airport.


Edudite, affectionately known as MatchMyUni, sends students to various countries for all fields such as Management and Commerce, Journalism and Communication, Engineering and Technology, Hotel Management and Tourism, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy, and Education and Law.


“We’re currently sending between 40 and 45 students to India, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. Today we’re celebrating the students going to India. 17 students are going to India on Sunday, and five more will be flying out on Monday,” Khare said.


Hendrin Shikongo, the Assistant Manager of Operations, urged the students to not forget their values and principles that they learned at home and to resist temptation and bad influences when over there.


“We’re putting you in the right hands of Mr. Khare; however, he’s not always going to be around you, especially after the first year. After the first year, you’ll have familiarized yourself with places and built a network of friends. We won’t always be there, holding your hand or asking you where you are,” Shikongo said.


"Take accountability for your actions, including the friends and relationships you build, and make this experience worth your parents’ sacrifices".


These students comprise bachelor’s and master’s students, going to different universities all around India.


Edudite Namibia assists students with finding scholarships, suitable courses, applications and admissions, visa applications, flight bookings, accommodation in the other country, and everything along the way up until they graduate.


At this stage, only partial scholarships are available, and these amount to approximately N$35,195.60–N$52,793.40. 


For students without funding or scholarships, it would cost them approximately twice as much.


The requirements for funding vary, and students can reach out to Edudite.