Bachelor of Radiography & Advanced Imaging Tech. ADTU

Duration: 3 Years

Discipline: Paramedical Science

Previous level of Study: Grade 12th or 'A' Level or Equivalent

Requirements: Grade 12th & Advance Level

Course Description

The Bachelor of Radiography and Advanced Imaging Technology is a sought-after course that empowers graduates to serve society through this branch of technology and be part of the best healthcare delivery system. Graduates become skilled technologists, equipped to produce high-resolution images that aid in diagnosis and treatment. Higher education options include M.Sc. in Medical Imaging Technology, research associate, PhD, etc. During the programme, students learn about X-rays, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, BMD, CT scans, Ultrasound, and X-rays, MRI for diagnosis. After completing the three-year course, a six-month internship is mandatory.

Tuition fee :

Registration fee:
$ 500.00

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