Bachelor of Dialysis Technology ADTU

Duration: 3 Years

Discipline: Paramedical Science

Previous level of Study: Grade 12th or 'A' Level or Equivalent

Requirements: Grade 12th & Advance Level

Course Description

The BSc Dialysis Technology programme offers a basic understanding of renal anatomy, physiology, kidney diseases, and patient care through training and extensive clinical posting within hospital premises. The programme prepares students to perform hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis for individuals with end-stage kidney disease or acute kidney injury requiring dialysis. Clinical exposure is provided at the dialysis unit and various intensive care units of the Downtown Hospital, with a strict schedule. Upon completion, students may find employment in both private and government sector hospitals and dialysis units, where they are responsible for equipment maintenance and conducting dialysis both in-hospital and at home. They may also pursue further studies, such as MSc, MPhil, PhD, etc.

Tuition fee :

Registration fee:
$ 500.00

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