B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology SNS

Duration: 3 Years

Discipline: Pharmacy & physiotherapy

Previous level of Study: Grade 12th or 'A' Level

Requirements: Minimum 50% marks in Grade 12th or 'A' Level

Course Description

BSc Medical Lab Technology is an undergraduate paramedical program of 3 years, divided into six semesters in total. It offers practical and theoretical knowledge about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various kinds of diseases and health problems with the help of clinical laboratory tests. During the program, the students perform various diagnostic analyses on body fluids, which include haematology, bacteriology, immunologic, chemical, and microscopic during the course


Medical Lab Technology is one of the courses related to medical and allied sciences and it is crucial due to its role in life. Medical lab technology has played a variety of roles in medical sciences by training lab technicians and technologists how to treat people and how to use laboratory materials. Materials include Microscope, autoclave, centrifuge, biochemistry analyser, test tubes, syringes, hot air oven, water bath, etc. These materials they play a big role in treatment and diagnosis and research field too.


Medical Lab Technology is composed of different subjects namely; introduction to medical lab technology which teaches the rules of laboratories and roles and responsibilities of medical lab technician. Biochemical techniques that teaches about techniques related to medical laboratory and use of equipment.  Anatomy which teaches about the structures of parts of the body.  Physiology which teaches the functions of parts of the body. Microbiology as the study of microorganisms. There are other more subjects such as Biochemistry, chemistry, haematology, immunology, and computer. These are basic subjects that a lab technician should study and there are other extra like food and nutrition and first aid.




The main role of medical lab technician is to run the test analyse the sample to help physician or doctor in diagnosis and treatment.

Lab technician is well trained and highly skilled in the use of biomedical techniques and instruments.

Solving problem skills in administrative, technical and research.


Medical lab technician is responsible for collecting blood and samples from the patient.

Clinic equipment and maintaining sterilised environment.

Conducting of routine test and analysis of the samples.

To give care to the patient and preparing them for the test.


This is a course that provides great benefits after completing it; there are different fields that it can be applied and provides a huge income. There are different places that a student after this course can do a job with great salary among those places some are the following; hospitals, clinical laboratories, physical centres, biotechnology companies, public health laboratories, commercial or reference laboratories, forensic laboratory, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, research and teaching institutions.

Those are among the places that a lab technician can work with high salary, the salary of medical lab technician can tend to $78000 per annum depending on the place.

Tuition fee :

Registration fee:
$ 200.00

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