B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Technology SNS

Duration: 3 Years

Discipline: Pharmacy & physiotherapy

Previous level of Study: Grade 12th or 'A' Level

Requirements: Minimum 50% marks in Grade 12th or 'A' Level

Course Description

A Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Cardiovascular Technology is a four-year undergraduate degree program that prepares students for careers in the field of cardiovascular technology. This field involves the use of specialized medical equipment and techniques to diagnose and treat cardiovascular conditions, such as heart disease and hypertension.

Coursework in a B.Sc. in Cardiovascular Technology program may include classes in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and cardiovascular technology principles and practices. Students may also have the opportunity to complete clinical rotations or internships in order to gain hands-on experience working with patients and using medical equipment.

Upon graduation, students may find employment as cardiovascular technologists or technicians. They may work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, performing tasks such as conducting stress tests, measuring blood flow, and operating medical imaging equipment. Some graduates may also choose to pursue further education and training in order to become cardiovascular technologists or technicians with specialized training in a particular area, such as echocardiography or electrophysiology.

Tuition fee :

Registration fee:
$ 200.00

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