B.Sc. Forensic Science SNS

Duration: 3

Discipline: Applied Sciences

Previous level of Study: Grade 12th or 'A' Level

Requirements: Minimum 50% marks in Grade 12th or 'A' Level

Course Description

B. Sc. Forensic Science is a three year programme related to forensic science in the broad areas of Biology Chemistry Law and Methods of Forensic Investigation imparting students with skills necessary to carry out independent projects. The programme offers both theoretical and practical knowledge in every area of criminalistics which demonstrates proficiencies in laboratory skills like forensic molecular biology forensic chemistry and toxicology.

This programme is about Forensic science under which students study about crimes & crime scene and also related techniques & tools used in solving any crime along with all Lab techniques and evidence collection techniques. They study about the methods of investigation for every type of crime scene and also their lab examination to identify the main culprit.

Tuition fee :

Registration fee:
$ 200.00

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